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Television actress Kari Michaelson reveals a Revolutionary TMJ Treatment for HARD TMJ cases. "The Future of TMJ Correction is Here Now!" 11 Minute Video.




Here's what some of our Members had to say: 

"Twenty three years ago an automobile accident left me with broken facial bones. Since then I have only been able to breathe through my mouth. I used pressurized oxygen to sleep at night. After my second TMJ Restoration©/CNSR treatment, my sinuses cleared. For the first time in over two decades I could breathe freely through my nostrils without any blockage. After my last treatment, I woke up and my jaws felt strange. I opened my mouth wide--wider than I've been able to open my mouth in over twenty years. I have ceased my incessant teeth grinding, my jaw is relaxed, and the tension in my face is gone. My mind has cleared as a result."    

Michael John Rood              
Duluth, Minnesota    Pastor/TMJ disorder patient

God Has Answered My Prayers With This Doctor”

"After just one TMJ Restoration©/CNSR treatment, my "vise grip" was gone! After my third treatment, I was able to open my mouth completely with no pain or clicking."

Michele Daugherty             Denver, Colorado   TMJ disorder patient/mother


Summary of Treatment

          Video #6:             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnYSqzc_YQ