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Notice: This notice is being included to educate the reader and increase their understanding of Chiropractic. In today’s world, potential Chiropractic patients are doing their homework and becoming as well informed as possible before choosing which type of provider to access for their care. Many potential Chiropractic patients have already visited their primary care provider and are looking for an alternative to the drug and surgery options.

     The time has come for each and every one of us to stop being willfully ignorant and step up to a higher level of knowledge and understanding as to the role of Chiropractic medicine that is within the scope of Chiropractic.

     Increasing your knowledge and understanding of Chiropractic is essential to avoid being misled and deceived by those health care providers, insurance providers, and government agencies who earn a living off of your fear and ignorance. Today’s educated consumer must do his/her due diligence and raise his/her level of understanding regarding their condition to a higher standard so that they can take responsibility for their health and well being.

     I am a Chiropractor. The Scope of Practice includes examination, analyzation, evaluation, adjustment, and manipulation of the Musculo-Skeletal system and the Subluxation Complex in the human body.

     The Musculo-skeletal system includes the bones, muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints, and other connective tissue {such as the fascia} that supports and binds the tissues and organs together.

     A subluxation complex is a neuro-musculo-skeletal condition that involves an aberrant relationship between two adjacent bones. This aberrant relationship consists of some form of compression and rotation between the two adjacent bones which may cause muscle spasms, structural pathology, functional pathology, or other abnormality of the system affecting balance, coordination, or muscle strength. It does this through the muscles, bones, nerves, and fascia.

     The role of the Chiropractor includes determining the existence of, the nature of, the severity of, the effects of, and complicating factors that affect this musculo-skeletal system/subluxation complex. This includes determining the existence of structural pathology, functional pathology, and/or other abnormality of the system followed up by the treatment of those conditions.

     The role of the Doctor of Chiropractic includes the manipulation and adjustment of those two adjacent bones which are either too close to each other or too far from each other, or rotated in their relationship to each other. These subluxation complexes may cause functional pathology. The goal is to improve, correct, and optimize the biomechanical condition of the musculo-skeletal system/subluxation complex. This in turn improves, corrects, and optimizes the structure, function, and other abnormalities. This, thereby, of necessity, reduces muscle spasms and improves the coordination, balance, efficiency, strength, conditioning, and functional health and integrity of the system.

I do NOT treat the diagnosis of glaucoma. I do not place patients on medication that they may require for treatment of their glaucoma. I do not take patients off of any medication that they have been placed on for glaucoma or anything else. I leave that to the medical professional who placed them on the prescription in the first place.

However, if someone who has glaucoma comes to me and I find subluxation complexes that in my opinion are affecting their spine and skull, then I recommend that those subluxations complexes be corrected. As a Chiropractor, finding and removing subluxation complexes is my job. Finding and removing subluxation complexes in the human body is the very definition; it is the core of the scope of Chiropractic. Anything else that I utilize is only for the purpose of strengthening the muscles and cartilage to be more balanced to hold the two adjacent bones in their proper alignment and to correct and prevent  any Structural pathology, Functional pathology, or other abnormality of the system.

Thank You for coming to our site. Our Central Nervous System Restoration Institute is the only clinic in the U.S. that uses Central Nervous System Restoration, Neuro Structural Integration Technique, Nimmo, Regular Cranial Work, and Condyle Lift and spread. 

I utilize a combination of FIVE different techniques, which each address different portions of the subluxation complex; this way we get a better result that is more complete and lasts longer.

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